Budgeting Kitchens and What to be aware of.

When Budgeting Kitchens there are a number of things to be mindful of. Before you stick a total on it and call it a day it is best to really look at what you personally want from your kitchen. When I say that our cheapest supply only kitchen was a little over Five Thousand pounds and our most expensive supply and fit kitchen was Forty Thousand pounds it doesn’t illustrate the different choices those clients made.In my experience there are 4 things that have the biggest impact on kitchens costs.

  • Kitchen Style

I can’t speak for all kitchen suppliers but we are always upfront about in which price group each door lands, our product brochures come with a little PG Tag denoting the relative cost of that style kitchen. For us there are a few basic ranges of slab doors, they come in Gloss and Matt and selected ones come handle-less, as you go up in price group you hit a few select doors that have a shaker style or unusual finish like a glitter door or concrete pattern. At the highest end of our ranges there are real wood doors and doors that have toughened glass layered over it for a beautiful high-gloss finish.

Obviously each of these choices can be a factor to cost especially when factoring in matching panels or visible carcass sides.

  • Kitchen Accessories

We supply a large range of accessories for our kitchens, each additional accessory is obviously another price increase. When budgeting a kitchen weigh up the cost/benefit for what you want. Smaller pullouts such as under counter tea towel rails might only modestly effect price but a Tall Larder Wire basket pullout with door attachment is a much larger variation to cost due to the sheer amount of material and engineering it takes.

If you want these in your kitchen then by all means ask for them, but maybe consider that you might not need them and they are a great compromise to reaching your budget.

  • Appliances

If you use your kitchen as more than a nice room to hold your Kettle and Microwave then appliances are quite important. With even budget ovens running around £200 and when you have a new kitchen, you more often than not are replacing the Oven, hob, hood, sink and tap. Most people now own dishwashers and have their washing machine and/or tumble dryer too. If you managed to get these at budget costs you are still well over £1000 and the budget range might not have what you need.

With Neff, Bosch and Siemens making new tech advances in their appliances it is more and more tempting to go for the Series 8 Bosch Oven you can control from your phone or with the Bake-Off being so popular the Slide and Hide Neff ovens which have the slide away doors, and these obviously aren’t your unbranded budget products.

Customers will often find a middle ground and make all visible appliances (IE Oven, Hob and Hood) in a named brand and select the budget unbranded appliances for the integrated more hidden appliances (IE Washing appliances). The other thing to take into account is that unbranded is not always the most cost effective, factor in things like consumer deals, Neff and Bosch in particular run special offers all year round that include things like cashback or free appliances.

  • Worktops

Worktops are often the exact reason I personally ask for a budget. Before now we have had a customer come to the showroom with a £5-6k budget they were not happy to share until after they got the first quote, it being quite a big kitchen meant that the Silestone they had asked for covered nearly half their budget, the appliances took another chunk out of that leaving barely anything for the kitchen itself (which if you ask me is the most important part of, you know… the kitchen).

Of all of the things in the kitchen, the worktop is the one that can seem to cost the most for the least. This perceptions couldn’t be more wrong. Worktops thankfully have a very clear upward scale in terms of cost and quality, making it easier for you as a customer to find the right product.

The most affordable worktops are the standard 40mm bullnose worktops, ranges like Axiom, Duropal and Bushboard mean there is a mountain of choice in colour, moving up we hit 40mm Square edge worktops, personally I prefer our hacker supplied worktop due to the factory finished edges. Next we move onto our Solid Wood Worktops which are great but do take a little more upkeep than most. Then its your solid surfaces like Maia and Minerva and finally you hit the natural granites and silestones.


My best advice is go in to any renovation project with a budget in mind, expect transparency in quoting and be wary of anyone who can half their price over night. With Kitchens as with many things in life you get what you pay for! If something seems more expensive than you expected ask why and see if there is a cheaper acceptable option. Kitchens are the perfect example of a compromise between hopes and reality and if you have a company that care you’ll come out with a few more of your hopes than you thought possible.


Craig Crocombe

Designer and Administrator

Fit Kitchens and More


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