Designing your Kitchen.

         “Is this right for my kitchen?”                                          “I don’t know! what do you think?”

Having designed for a few years now, one of the more frustrating things to get across to clients is that when you’re in the process of designing your kitchen there is no right or wrong style choice. Nearly any real choice in the kitchen will be a matter of taste. As a designer the last thing I want to do is push you in a direction that you wont be happy with down the line.

Too often I spend time with a client and the choice is do we go for Polar White, White, Brilliant white or Antique white? All of the whites look great set against the worktop chosen, the handle the customer want looks perfect with each colour too. There is no real wrong answer. The more practical choices have been made, Gloss or Matt? Shaker or Slab? Handled or Handle-less?

Inevitably with any client, we will end up with a few choices of doors and my personally dreaded phrase of “I don’t know, what do you think?” comes up. The reason I dread this question is two-fold –

Firstly, My style is almost guaranteed to be different that my clients. I prefer clean lines and colours with almost a clinical finish, whereas the majority of people who want a German kitchen want one because the kitchen is their most used room in the house, Therefore they want a room they can really live in. I love designing rooms like this and do get genuinely excited when these projects go well but my opinion might not always be what the customer needs and the last thing I want is to lie to a client.

Secondly, I believe this question is and should be rhetorical. I truly believe when this question is asked the customer does know which colour they prefer (or whatever the choice might be) but they are afraid of making the wrong choice. Its the customer that has to live with the decision so, in my role in the project the best thing I can do for a customer is present the pros and cons in the given situation and work patiently with the client to ensure that each choice they land on is made with confidence.

So when you’re designing your kitchen remember a few things. Your designer is your practical guide to placements and product choices. We can advise on style and the benefit of every product we supply but those style choices are important and ones you should be 100% happy and invested in.


Craig Crocombe

Designer and Administrator

Fit Kitchens and More