Gloss or Matt Kitchen Doors? Choosing your door style.

Gloss or Matt kitchen Doors? How to Choose!

Gloss or Matt DoorsOne of the most pervasive questions when designing a kitchen is often the first question I ask a new customer.

“Are you after a Gloss or a Matt Door?”

I would say about 50% of the customers I interact with have very strong feelings about one or the other. The others tend to have a tough time choosing. The biggest deciding factor is usually colour, generally speaking matt doors offer more colour ranges which may be why in the recent years the market has seen a surge of matt doors being chosen.

Older parents in particular tend to steer away from Gloss due to the visibility of “Sticky fingers”, we see this especially when these people are on their second or third child and are fed up with chasing after them cleaning and when we ask that question they throw the idea of gloss doors out the window.

In my opinion, this can be the wrong mindset, to completely rule anything one because of a little niggle.

Really speaking the only thing that should rule a door out is an actual dislike of the door style or colour itself. There are more subtle gloss doors which conceal mark quite nicely as well as Satin Lacquer styles which create matt colours so vibrant they feel like they shine, not to mention things as simply as lighting or splash back can change the entire perception of a kitchen door.

If small sticky fingers are a worry or the matt might not light the room up the way you want, why not have matt base units and a nice gloss for the wall units? Pair the colours carefully with the worktop spend some time really hammering out how the lighting will work and the blend can be seamless.

We ourselves have seen a massive rise in two-tone kitchens with a big focus on gloss and matt greys. When it comes to these choices we always go the same route, we allow customers to sign out samples of the doors they like and take them home. This way instead of sitting around pontificating whether this or that is right, they can take the door and see it in their kitchen and make an informed decision.

Luckily its pretty hard to make the wrong choice because one isn’t better than the other. The anxiety of choices is unfortunately abundant when designing a kitchen and it needn’t be. Getting a new kitchen is a process, these choices don’t always have to be one or the other.

If you like it then its the right choice and its as simple as that.