In Honor of May 4th

Since its May 4th (Star Wars Day) and our designer is a big Star Wars fan we asked him what kitchen could be Star Wars inspired?

11_Stratos_CarbonMet_2He chose to feature the Systemat Metallic Carbon Anthricite and Systemat Metallic Ocean Blue Kitchen Styles in the Handle-less style paired with the #Minerva Sparkling White solid surface worktop. Here is what he had to say.

“Star Wars, in particular the earlier trilogy have a very defined style, I will focus on a more attractive aesthetic as opposed to the very clinical metal designs we see for the kitchens in the movies.  There are a few iconic images from Star Wars that I would choose to draw from when creating a colour palette for the kitchen.

  • Space itself,
  • The metallic features seen in the costumes, ships and some planets,
  • A striking colour to evoke the famous Lightsaber.



The Metallic Carbon door gives us the effect of a deep sky due to its Lacquer High Gloss Finish, the gentle fleck throughout it evokes constellations of stars throughout the sky, while the Metallic Ocean Blue both gives us a pop of colour with an attractive contrast to give more personality to the room. An added benefit is that each door matches seamlessly with Stainless Steel meaning that the appliances and the handle-less style I would recommend would only add to a modern or futuristic look.


minerva-Sparkling-White-850-x-550-2Lastly The worktops, The Sparkling White Minerva worktop is in my opinion one of the more attractive worktops on the market while having all the benefits of a standard solid surface. As I said previously, many of the surfaces in the movie are kept to plain stainless steel but I feel that a Bright White with the Matching Fleck allow the doors a more bold profile. In low lighting I believe this kitchen would come to life and provide a calming and classy atmosphere to spend an evening.

This personally is one of my dream kitchens and I hope one day I get to actually order it.”

If you would like to view these doors in our showroom please feel free to visit us. Alternatively if you would like to talk about receiving a quotation on your very own Ocean Blue/Anthracite Kitchen or any other kitchen for that matter, please call us on 01792 544 288.